Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

What an insanely crazy month it has been!! My parents were out of town for two weeks, my grandmother passed away and i was out of town for five days, my mom is gone this weekend, my parents are leading a marriage retreat in two weekends, I am behind.. waayyy behind in schoolwork.. does the list ever end?

The good news is *drumroll please* our wonderful, grassfed cow arrived early this week, and now I have plenty of yummy, nourishing, nutrient dense meat at my disposal. This is a huge load off my mind. We usually receive our cow in September, and had run out of beef in July.. needless to say I was paying exorbitant amounts for my meat, and am so glad to once again have a freezer stalked with affordable, pastured meat.

My eating plan is going pretty well. I have messed up a couple time, but I'm doing okay, and beginning to feel a bit better. I hope it lasts!! I'm running dangerously low on veggies this week, but I really want to use up what I have before I make a veggie run.

SO.. my plan for this week is:

TO DO: Cook Ground beef

Breakfast-leftover steak
Lunch-ground beef and green bell pepper
Dinner-ground beef, celery, and cucumbers

TO DO: Cook Turkey
Defrost Roast

Breakfast-ground beef
Lunch-turkey, cucumber
Dinner-Roast, mixed veggie salad

Lunch-Roast, tomato
Dinner-ground beef, bell pepper, onion

TO DO: Take out Pork Chop

Breakfast-ground beef
Lunch-Roast, cucumber
Dinner-Pork Chop, mixed salad

Breakfast- eggs
Lunch- leftover Pork Chop, leftover salad
Dinner-Shrimp, homemade salsa

TO DO: Cook Ground Beef

Brunch-Ground beef, celery
Dinner- Salmon, onion, celery

TO DO: Take out Roast

Brunch: Ground beef, bell pepper
Dinner: Roast, mixed salad

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