Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Steps

Boy oh boy! Isn't life just crazy sometimes? Phew. I feel like this is one of the first moments in a long time that I have just been able to breaaaaaaaaathe.

School has just been insane. Because of my unexpected trip to Denver and my over-achieving, I can take on anything attitude, I gave myself a course load in school that was just too much for me. School has consumed my life in the past few weeks. Generally when this type of thing happens EVERYTHING falls by the way side-- relationships, health, piano, exercise, emotional stability, sleep-- and I would look and feel like a total mess. I think, however, I am finally beginning to grow up and learn and change, and it is so wonderful. Although most things have been neglected, the most important things have not. Sure, exercise, piano, sleep, and an obsessive conscientiousness over what I eat have not been as consistent lately, but I have not taken out all my feelings of stress and anxiety on the people that love me most.

I am so thankful to God that He forgives and allows us to repent. There are still sooo, so, sooooo many things I need to work on, but it's encouraging to see a little improvement!

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