Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's the Happiest Season of All!!!!!!

Wow. What a blessed time this Advent season has been for me thus far. I have been incredibly busy, tired, and at times absolutely overwhelmed, but the peace and joy of the season and the grace of God have helped me through it.

I have been really struggling with my insane dietary limitations (full story to come), especially with all the fast and feast days we are blessed to enjoy as Orthodox Christians, but I think that it has really helped me realize what the point of all this fasting and feasting is. It has taught me to lean more on God; I have no other choice, and in my struggles I am learning how absolutely helpless I am on my own.

Finals are at last completed!!! Wohoooo... I am done with school until 2009. My chemistry final was quite disastrous, which is a real bummer because I enjoy the class so much.

My last huge responsibility is the Christmas program at church. I have been a little stressed out about it. The production turned out to be more challenging than I originally anticipated, but I pray it goes smoothly.

On a different subject, I just got back from Anthony's first basketball game this season!!! SO CUTE!!! He scored 8 points, blocked 2 shots, set an awesome pick, and had a great time!!!

Until Next Time...


Christina said...

and fasting isn't supposed to be about the food. there is a whole mindset to fasting (i could write about some of this but your dad does a way better job of explaining it:)

dietary restrictions are hard. i personally do not have any (that i know of) but having to cook for someone who has restrictions is hard!

Christiana: said...

so true! happy birthday by the way!! :)