Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dealing with Annoyances

This evening I had the most wonderful conversation with my dad. I have been struggling with this one person for a while now, and I am just having a really hard time loving them and accepting them for who they are, with no judgments, no pre-conditions, nothing. So, my dad gave me the whole you can only change yourself shpeal... which is so helpful, but then he said something that really struck me as kind of amazing advice. I had asked, so what do i do tonight when this person annoys me; do i ignore them... what? He just looked at me and he said: see every "annoyance" as your fault.. of course I retorted: but it's not my fault.. and he said: of course it is, the fact that you can be annoyed is a reflection of your own sinfulness, your own passions, your need for repentance.

I just thought that was so helpful. Just think of every annoyance as your own fault. Genius!! I always wonder how one can learn to be humble.. it seems that if you can stop blaming other people and start blaming yourself you are well on the road toward humility. Anyway, just thought i'd share! :)

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