Sunday, November 30, 2008


Is anyone else on the lookout for filters? I already have a bunch... filters for my coffee, water, swimming pool, etc., but I seem to be missing the most important filter... a filter for my mouth!!! Seriously... it's a huge problem. I totally speak without thinking... like ALL THE TIME!! It seems the second my foot comes out of my mouth from one mistake... I make another... and the foot goes right back in.

So... what am I doing about it? To be honest... not a whole lot. Every morning I wake up deciding to take a vow of silence, but if you know me you know that vow has yet to stick. So, I need to think of more practical, doable things... baby steps. Does anyone else struggle with this lack of filter problem... and if so where can I find one?

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Christina said...

I think it was a monk that said to put pebbles in your mouth to keep from talking. I haven't actually tried this... but if you come up with a good mouth filter, let me know. I sometimes wish I were more like my husband... when he talks, everyone stops what they are doing and pays attention because he doesn't open his mouth unless he has something important to say (well thought out, etc.). people pretty much just ignore me whenever i open my mouth!